Tuesday, May 05, 2020

The “New Way Forward Act” is more like the “New Way Backward Act”

Forty-four members of our House of Representatives have come out in support of a bill — H.R.5383 — that has received precious little attention from our national news media. After you learn what is in this piece of legislation and what it will do, you are likely to wonder why such sweeping legislation would not at least peek through the coronavirus mania that now receives almost as much attention as Donald Trump’s latest imagined booboo.

The New Way Forward Act, in the words of its primary sponsor, Democrat Illinois Rep. Jesús García, simply asks for a “fair shot at the opportunity for immigrants to stay in the country they call home.”

That sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? Finding a way for those immigrants who love America and want to come here, become true Americans and contribute to making us an even better nation — who could possibly object to that, other than those who are racists and xenophobes?

Why, then, would such a humanitarian-oriented bill escape the notice of the mainstream news media?

Then, on the other hand, when the immigrants in question are frequently or mostly illegal aliens, who have broken the law to come here, and more than a few have committed other crimes before and/or after coming here, maybe this law isn’t such a great idea.

Matthew Tragesser, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), had this to say about it: “The New Way Forward Act is arguably the most radical piece of immigration legislation in American history.”

Some of the features of the New Way Forward Act are:
* It will assist foreign born criminals to live here
* It will allow people who have committed serious felonies in other countries to move to the United States
* It will make it much more difficult for federal immigration officials to detain potentially dangerous immigrants
* It will transport deported criminals back into the United States at our expense
* It will give free health care to illegal immigrants
* It will abolish ICE

This measure needs to be ripped up and tossed in the trash, ala Nancy Pelosi at the State of the Union address.

In its place must be measures to secure borders and ports of entry, and punish those who flaunt our immigration laws. The following should be done:
* Stronger measures to prevent illegal entry into the country
* Charging illegals who illegally re-enter the country with a crime and jailing them, not deporting them
* Illegals who have committed crimes in other countries and/or in the U.S. should be jailed, not deported, so they cannot once again try to re-enter the country
* Confinement for breaking immigration laws should be neither inhumane nor pleasant. It should be a deterrent against entering the country illegally, and a measure that costs tax payers as little as possible

In a “nation of laws, not men,” as the United States is, and as a nation where citizenship is a valued asset that can be earned by those from other countries, the provisions of the New Way Forward Act are poisonous. They are precisely opposite to what is needed for a secure nation. They are sharply at odds with the principles our Founders set forth two and one-half centuries ago. They also are at odds with common sense.

By relaxing our immigration standards to allow whoever wants to come in, we will have no idea who is coming in. Will it be only honest, hard-working, good people who want to become Americans? Will it be lazy people who want to live off the government? Or, thugs and criminals who will commit all manner of crimes?

The answer: all of the above.

Surely the proponents of this horrible mis-named legislation are capable of understanding the dangers of this concept. Or, perhaps they just don’t care.

García and 43 other Democrat House members introduced the New Way Forward Act last December. Some of the 43 others are Oregon’s Earl Blumenauer, and the infamous “Squad” which is known for its radical ideas: Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar, Massachusetts’ Ayanna Pressley, New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib.

Other House Democrats who support lax enforcement of immigration laws include Michigan’s Andy Levin, Minnesota’s Keith Ellison, and the Speaker of the House, California’s Nancy Pelosi.

It is interesting to watch people in Congress, some of whom live behind gates and are very careful about who comes on their property. Many of them support lax immigration policies that would allow people to enter their country that they would never allow in their homes. On the one hand, safety is the main concern. On the other, political expedience is the main concern.

Democrats more and more are trying to change America’s basic orientation. While he didn’t start this trend, former President Barack Obama certainly properly characterized it: fundamentally transforming the United States of America.

But America does not need fundamental change. Its design is so far ahead of other countries that it would be, to put it in the most graphic terms, stupid to follow the Democrat’s preferred path, and turn it into one more socialist state bound for failure.

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