Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Adverse verse: A poetic look at the current political scene - Chapter 1

The following works of the literary art are submitted for your enjoyment by CKA in Red State USA (CKA) and yours truly (JS).

Reader submissions are welcome and invited.


Obama's a big phony from Kenya

Who lies, betrays and skins ya. 

No conscience he’s got.

Throws tantrums like a tot.

And smiles while his knife goes in ya.

Many think Obama’s a comet,
But he talks and makes Righties vomit,
Reminds them of Weiner,
Except that he’s cleaner,
But hates America ‘nough to bomb it.

Many still wonder where Obama was born.
At them he throws buckets of scorn.  
He squirms, he squeals,
He cries, he appeals.
Yet still in his a** he’s got that big thorn.

The economy is still in the tank,
And you can take that to the bank,
But Obama cons the nation,
On another vacation,
And regards his critics as cranks.

There was once a man from somewhere,
He fears we’ll find he’s a red scare.
Obama’s his name,
Deceit is his game.
And his constant goal is to impair.

Over and over the President said,
“GM’s still alive, and bin Laden is dead.”
“I ended the war in Afghanistan,
And did lots of stuff as a decoy plan,
While the Constitution I continue to shred.”

Obama lacks the balls to say Muslim
About murdering terrorists who’re loathsome.
He’ll always protect
That violent sect.
And that makes him heartless and gruesome.

My healthcare plan is for all.
That’s young, short, old and tall.
But there’s one tiny hitch:
It’s going to be a b*tch.
And all you all will fall.

Clear I’ll be, Obama announces.
What follows next are the many denounces.
He cannot relate.
He can only berate
With what issues from stinking outhouses.

Our kids are getting less fat,
And Michelle takes credit for that,
But the health authorities say,
They were headed that way,
Before the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” splat.

Obamacare is heavily disliked,
And for Congress the mandate’s been spiked,
But the rest of us must,
Take part with disgust,
While the beneficiaries of exceptions are psyched.

Terrorist threats were in the air.
Our intelligence guys found them there.
So we evacuated the staff,
To protect the wheat from the chaff,
While Obama boasts from his chair.

Obama’s got a way with words.
Twinkies and dogs he calls t*rds.
But you gotta admit:
He doesn’t know sh*t
About being anything less than absurd.

Four men overseas Obama did betray.
One day in Benghazi the Muslims did slay.
Barack keeps lying,
Cringing and crying.  
But why he ditched them, he fears to say.

Obama talks ‘til he’s blue,
And folks really believe what he spews,
He’s bothered by flies,
But it’s not that he lies,
It’s just that what he says ain’t true.

The infamous shrew seeks the crown

In a country she's helped stumble and drown.

Her lying is legion

In Earth's ev'ry region.

And she's still rotten, lowdown.

A rodeo clown in Missoura

Made fun of Obama with bravura.

Oh, the liberals cried.

The Democrats? Died.

Too bad: The mockery of him will endura.


Darlene said...

That was very enjoyable. Hope to see more. It is so bad one just has to laugh. Is it just me? But I am finding the liberals I know are loosing their compassion for others.

James Shott said...

Hi, Delene. Good to hear from you.

I think you are right that the liberals are at last coming to the realization that their god is really just another very human (read "flawed") individual.

And not a moment too soon.