Thursday, May 02, 2013

Reality is often better than any fantasy dreamed up

An Idaho man that prosecutors say was upset about the country's marijuana policy has been charged with attempting to assassinate President Barack Obama by first practicing for six months and then firing live rounds at the White House.

And, it gets better: the gunman's name is ... Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez.

Prosecutors allege that Ortega-Hernandez “expressed anger towards the government regarding the continued criminalization of marijuana.” They further said he acknowledged smoking and claimed it makes people more intelligent.

He is currently awaiting trial for the Nov. 11, 2011 event that left more than five bullet marks on the White House. The President and First Lady were not home at the time.

Ortega-Hernandez, 22, has pleaded not guilty to the attempted assassination charge and to other charges. Authorities assert that his motive “was to punish and kill the president, who he believed was the head of a government that was oppressing its citizens in various ways, such as by continuing to criminalize the use of marijuana.”

They also noted previously disclosed information that Ortega-Hernandez repeatedly expressed contempt for Obama, whom he called the antichrist.

Clearly, the man is a right-wing-nut.


Findalis said...

1. Is he a citizen?

2. If not, is he here legally?

Sounds like a crazy gangbanger.

science fiction writer said...

He does not sound intelligent.