Friday, February 10, 2012

Why the Great Depression wasn’t “Great” and the “CRAP” Act is even worse

By Dennis Evers

Have you ever wondered why they called the first depression great? I’ve eaten a great steak and seen a great movie, even driven a great car, but I can’t imagine a “Great Depression.” It’s like a “fantastic amputation” or “terrific bankruptcy” or “Senate Intelligence Committee” - the words just don’t go together. 

Part of the reason the Great Depression was improperly named was politicians weren’t PC driven like today. I remember when I was a child my grandfather telling me that he actually met a guy who had heard of an honest politician.

If I live through what appears to be shaping up to be an even “Greater Depression” than the first one, I wonder what the DC, PC pundits will name it.

In addition to creating self serving PC misnomers, our politicians also spend a great amount of energy naming bills so voting (or even opining) against them is considered un-American. Take the National Defense Authorization Act, or “NDAA,” as it is called. It sounds great, but if those politicians were going to be honest with us ordinary freedom-loving voters, they would have named it the “CRAP” act, or “Constitutional Rights Annihilation Program.” I am relieved, however, that the president says he won’t use it against us. My only thought is, why does he need it if he won’t use it? It’s kinda like buying a nice big house so you can’t live in it.

Our politicians do funny things to promote their agenda under the guise of helping us. Take green jobs for example. The concept is truly wonderful, but the fact that they run about five million dollars per job is a little pricey. However, fortunately for us, the politicians will be helping to share the burden of the bill due to their unique ability to get filthy stinking rich while in office, looking out for our best interests, from insider trading.

The Recovery Act and Auto Bailouts are another great example of a failed program that they actually sell as a success story. For example, once they got that bursting into flames thing taken care of, Chevy Volt sales have more than doubled. In January of 2012 they sold a whopping 603 cars. Compared to the 281 cars sold in February of 2011 that’s a staggering increase. Now granted, even though projected 2011 sales were off by over 10,000 vehicles, and they ended up costing us taxpayers $250,000 per car (a little factoid they inadvertently forgot to tell us) they still might catch up to Ford’s unleaded gas powered F series which sold 38,493 units last month alone.

Personally, I think they are going to have a tough time selling the current depression as a “bump on the road.” Finding an American that isn’t taking a hit is harder than finding a working Solyndra solar panel.

Part of the problem is the statistics. It’s almost to the point that you can’t trust what the politicians are saying. The unemployment rate conveniently forgets to add people that gave up looking for a job, and how about that non-existent inflation? Have you noticed how a lot of the food you buy now comes in “New Environmentally Friendly” smaller packaging? They forget to tell you you’re paying the same price for 50% LESS, and the potato chip bags are so full of air, I “popped” one open and had a ringing in my ears for a week. As far as the government measuring inflation, other than not including skyrocketing food and gas prices, inflation is in check. Now, that’s great if you don’t eat or drive a car, but what about those of us who do?

I have a feeling that if we recover from this current “bump on the road,” and add up the true numbers, we’ll find out that a staggering number of Americans lost their houses and became homeless under the current administration, while everyone else lost their entire investment in their home. It should also be noted that in real time, almost one out of every four Americans is out of work and gas has increased 83 percent, and that the Obama administration racked up more debt in three years than all of the other presidents from George Washington to George H.W. Bush COMBINED.

I’m confident that when the Obama administration finally sees that after well over three full years in charge, their profligate spending has trashed the country, they will finally “man-up” and do the right thing and take responsibility and name it “The Great Bush Depression.”


Anonymous said...

I have often wondered; just when does it become Obama's responsibility? When is it not going to be *Bush's fault*?

James Shott said...

I believe the answer to your question is, "Never!"

Whitesnake said...

Ahh yes the depression we have to have so we'll make it a GREAT one!

Jack said...

Excellent article.

Since the US government can't contain its overspending, and since it can't afford long-term entitlement obligations of the welfare state, it has resigned itself to destroying the value of the US dollar in order to reduce the true value of those costs and obligations. $16T National Debt, and growing. The rational way forward would be to mandate huge cuts in all governemnt spending and entitlement programs, but it's far easier for politicians to simply have the government print more money and apply Enron-style methodologies to claim that inflation is low. As long as the socialists stay in power, the overspending and devaluation will continue until the value of a dollar bill becomes cheaper than wallpaper. The funding that was appropriated for all of these wonderful entitlement programs will have no purchasing power left at all. The retirees living on fixed income and life savings are being crushed.