Sunday, February 12, 2012

More evidence that American education needs to be sent to detention

Many Americans who have been around a few years and remember what schools were like when they were young have longed lamented the sorry state of public education in the United States. Among that large group are a fair number of us who have taught in public schools and know first-hand about the problems.

Perhaps you’ve seen the “Jay Walking” segments on The Tonight Show, as host Jay Leno wanders the streets of New York asking random people questions that every ought to be able to answer, and gets some very strange answers. On his radio show, Sean Hannity does a similar “man on the street” exercise, with the same sort of results.

A new experiment has made the news. A student at a Washington state high school student decided to question classmates for a video called “Lunch Scholars,” and learned that the Vice President of the United States is someone named “bin Laden,” and that there are 51 individual states in the US.

Check it out at TheBlaze


Anonymous said...

very sad and very funny...

unfortunately, this is more the norm than an exception...

I always like it when such clips also then ask the people about reality tv, jersey shore and other such garbage... the people tend to know the answers to such questions yet not know the VP, state capitals etc...

James Shott said...

Ain't it the truth!

Education associations that have turned into unions, like the NEA, and organizations that have always been unions, are at the base of the problem. But it is complicated by a bunch of soft-headed theories, both social and educational, that take the quality down substantially.

By the way, I wish you would use an identity, either your real ID or an alias.

Anonymous posts frequently go into a SPAM folder, and I wouldn't want to miss a legitimate comment.