Saturday, November 05, 2011

Herman Cain commits sexual harassment

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Buffalo said...

I don't know if he crossed the line; if he is guilty or guiltless.

I do know sexual harassment does exist in this the 21st century.

James Shott said...

Sexual harassment does exist. However, like racism, people often believe it automatically when alleged, without proof -- which is what the initial stories are all about -- and one person's sexual harassment is another's innocent comment or action.

Today's charges may represent actual harassment, or could be just an empty charge, but at least there's a face and a name and some specific details.

Buffalo said...

It is my understanding the women that took action against Cain decided to remain mute on the subject even though they were released from the confidentially agreement.

The fact is there were settlements made. I am not naive enough to believe a settlement is admission of guilt. I am also not naive enough to believe it wasn't an admission of guilt.

Not much point to speculating if you don't have the facts and I surely don't. (Of course that doesn't keep the talking heads from dogging their ignorance to death.)

This lady that made her appearance today wasn't sexually harassed by Cain. She surely would have had grounds to file an assault charge. If true of course.

There are fraudulent harassment claims filed. There are many more legitimate harassment claims not filed.

Tough stuff, this.

James Shott said...

I hadn’t heard that the confidentiality provision had been lifted.

It’s hard to tell whether there was real harassment, even with a settlement. When I worked at the local hospital, with 1,000 employees, there was one case where a claim was made and the investigation showed no harassment, with several witnesses, and the complainant said should didn’t feel comfortable continuing to work there, after filing a claim that was disproven, so the hospital paid her some severance and both the hospital and the woman signed an agreement.

There are actual and fairly horrible cases of harassment, to be sure. However, since the feminine revolution, harassment claims have become a weapon. Many people believe that a claim equals guilt. That’s unfortunate.

Buffalo said...

There will never be a shortage of people that are willing to cry wolf when there is a chance to profit. We have become a most greedy and litigious society.

Before the feminist movement was able to bring about harassment legislation women couldn't cry wolf even when one was kicking in the door and molesting them.

James Shott said...

I didn't intend to disparage the efforts at equalization of females, only to point out that, as often happens, the pendulum has swung a little too far.

Buffalo said...

I didn't take it to be a disparaging remark.

I don't believe the pendulum has swung to far, but rather less than honest people are taking advantage of the swing.

As with virtually everything else in life, common sense needs to come into play. Unfortunately common sense died a violent death many a year ago.

James Shott said...

RE: the pendulum swinging, I think there is a broad tendency to accept a claim as proof. That's what I was getting at. That is more of a problem with the audience than of the accuser.

Common sense has indeed been dead a long time.