Saturday, October 22, 2011

Everyone dissing, trashing or generally dismissing
Cain’s 9-9-9 proposal

Commentary by CKA in Redstate USA

I want to scream.

To me, Cain and Paul Ryan are the only two real leaders who have surfaced in the past year. They have the intelligence and apparent genuine desire to solve our country’s fiscal problems.

But what do we get from others?

From Obama and the Demobocrat/progressive/liberal/leftist Party and their shills in the pimpstream media: mockery, nit-picking, patronizing, dismissal, scorn, more.

From what seems to be most of the so-called conservative news media: same as from Obama and the DPLLs.

From the current gaggle of wannabe Republican/conservative presidential hopefuls: same as from Obama and the DPLLs.

I find all of their behavior petty, execrable and despicable.

Waiting for Cain or some conservative pundit to throw down this gauntlet: “So where’s your detailed plan so that we can analyze and comment on it?”

And given that Obama’s almost three years into having nothing more than hot air on his purported plan, where is the cry from anyone that he produce such plan—and do it now?

What I see occurring—and this really annoys me—is that just like Ryan, Cain is being used by his lessers who apparently are afraid to, not capable of, will not produce a plan that can be discussed publicly.

But, oh, how they pull out their smugness and mud-slinging.

More and more, I find that Cain is the most authentic and deserving potential candidate for any non-Demobocrat ticket.

Shoot, Cain-Gingrich would be hard to beat, I believe.

But more and more, just by what I read about Romney, I am repulsed by this very clearly Democrat who calls himself a Republican.

Perry and Bachman seem lost and, already this early, shrill, as well as caricatures of themselves.

I also see how very much the Republican establishment, including their shills in the so-called conservative news media, pitches for Romney and dismisses, almost literally, Cain and others.

I have this gut feeling that Romney will be only marginally better than Obama, should Romney be anointed to run.

I think all this pre-election election will do is further alienate voters who could and would rally behind a sane, clear, conservative voice.

And I think that the Republicans are allowing the Demobocrats and the pimpstream media to help set Romney as the contender for the throne.

As for the behavior of the so-called conservative media, I’ve reassessed how I consider them to be hindrance or facilitator of a genuine candidate. I’m not enthusiastic or thrilled by what I see.

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CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Jim, thanks for your graciousness in posting this.

As you first saw when we were exchanging e-mails, this is really a stream-of-consciousness ventilation of some P&V.

Best regards.


FearGodNotMan said...

Ron Paul's plan: 0-0-0. I like this MUCH better!!! Ron Paul is my hero. Read his book, "Liberty Defined" and he will be your's too.