Monday, August 15, 2011

200 words on: Pedophiles

From the “You Must Be Joking” department

Would you believe there is a group of mental health professionals that favors decriminalizing pedophilia? The group calling itself B4U-ACT, perhaps following the lead of the Obama administration to call hideous acts something other than what they are, refers to those who sexually prey on children as “minor-attracted persons,” a euphemism designed to get people to accept this perversion as, if not exactly normal behavior, something that we ought to try to understand, rather than condemn outright.

This is a strategy to condition people into accepting the bizarre and creepy – and criminal – behavior of pedophiles, in the opinion of Dr. Judith Reisman, a visiting professor at Liberty University’s School of Law. “The first thing they do is to get the public to divest from thinking of what the offender does criminally, to thinking of the offender’s emotional state … to empathize and sympathize” with him or her.

Terrorists acts have been magically transformed into innocuous sounding “man-caused disasters,” the global war on terror has become merely bureaucratic sounding "overseas contingency operations," and perverts who prey on children are sanitized into quirky sounding “minor-attracted persons.”

Somewhere in the afterlife, George Orwell is rolling a cigarette, drinking tea, and smiling, self-satisfied.

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