Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Demonstrators protest cap-and-trade
and healthcare reform

Not many of us saw anything about the protests last Friday at Sen. Jim Webb’s (D-Va.) Richmond office and Sen. Mark Warner’s (D-Va.) Chesterfield County office.

Sen. Webb’s staff witnessed more than 200 demonstrators, and Sen. Warner’s staff watched roughly 300 people let their opinions about the cap-and-trade energy bill and the healthcare reform proposal now before Congress be known in no uncertain terms.

Protestors held up signs reading:

"Government-run health care makes me sick."

"Can we be more disgusted? Yes we can."

"No Obama care."

And chanted slogans:

"You work for me!"

"We've had enough!"

"Webb vote no, or you will go!"

Neither Senator has committed himself on either measure, with aides explaining that the bills are still in their early stages.

Resistance to these two legislative monstrosities is growing, and may yet force substantial revision to both measures.

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