Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Obama Dilemmas

Imagine, if you can, being President Barack Obama, having to face the myriad of problems that that evil and incompetent George Bush left for him.

The economy; the North Koreans; the Iranians; Gitmo; the (non) war on (non) terror; evil corporate executives; outrageous healthcare costs; budget deficits; … the list goes on. This would be a plateful for even the most seasoned statesman/politician.

Imagine what it must be like for the least experienced statesman/politician ever to occupy the Oval Office. How do you know what to do to properly represent the United States of America in the eyes of the world?

You are visited by the Prime Minister of Great Britain, our most devoted ally through thick and thin, who brings with him thoughtful and valuable gifts. What do you give him in return? But that’s far too easy a problem, isn’t it?

Here’s one that’s a little trickier: In an effort at good will you deliver a message to the Iranian people and the Iranian government tells you to take a hike. Now what?

The North Koreans are determined to launch a rocket that could be a test of a missile-carrying ICBM, and everyone knows they can’t be allowed them to have nuclear weapons or the means to deliver them. What do you do?

You are about to meet the King of Saudi Arabia face to face. When you meet His Excellency and shake his hand, do you also bow at the waist in proper deference?

Clearly Mr. Obama needs outside help, since neither the inexperienced President nor his inexperienced staff knows what to do in these tricky and important cases. So here’s a little unsolicited, but very dependable advice: Mr. President, when confronted with these dilemmas, always ask yourself: What Would John Wayne Do? You won’t go wrong.

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