Saturday, April 18, 2009

Global Warming is Primarily Caused By...

According to a Rasmussen Poll, one year ago 47 percent of those surveyed believed human activity was the primary cause of global warming, and 34 percent believed planetary trends were the primary cause.

Today, those numbers are reversed, with 48 percent now believing that planetary trends are the primary cause, and the belief for that point of view has been generally growing since last April.

This shift in popular opinion is due to the fact that finally the debate among climate scientists has begun to leak out into the general information pool, regular people are beginning to hear both sides of the story, and they are learning that the global warming fear mongering is so much crap.

However, even as the American people are rejecting the “man causes global warming” theory, the Obama energy plan is firmly grounded in a global warming theory that has been effectively debunked.

Meanwhile the Associated Press has reported two events not comforting to champions of conventional energy production, and the responses to them from the American Petroleum Institute, which follow.

Item I:

AP - A program to expand oil and gas drilling off the Alaska coast has been canceled by a federal appeals court because of environmental concerns.

A three-judge panel in the District of Columbia says the Bush administration's Interior Department failed to consider the offshore environmental impact and marine life before approving an oil and gas leasing program in the Beaufort, Bering, and Chukchi (CHOOK-chee) seas.

API - The American Petroleum Institute is reviewing the implications of the federal appeal court’s decision vacating and remanding the 2007-2012 five-year leasing program.

It would be a disservice to all Americans - and a devastating blow to the economy - if this decision were to delay further the development of vital oil and natural gas resources.

America’s oil and natural gas industry is the backbone of the economy. Development in federal waters off the nation’s coast provides thousands of well-paying jobs, government revenues and the fuel needed to run America’s cars and factories, heat our homes and the feedstock needed to make the materials we use every day."

Item II:

AP - The Environmental Protection Agency has concluded that carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases are a danger to public health and welfare. It is the first step to regulating pollution linked to climate change.

Congressional sources told The Associated Press that EPA will announce its proposed finding Friday and begin a comment period before issuing a final ruling. The EPA also will say tailpipe emissions from motor vehicles contribute to climate change. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the finding hasn't been announced.

The action was prompted by a Supreme Court ruling two years that said greenhouse gases are pollutants under the Clean Air Act and must be regulated if found to be a human health danger.

API - The proposed endangerment finding poses an endangerment to the American economy and to every American family. It could lead to greenhouse gas regulations under a law fundamentally ill-suited to addressing the challenge of global climate change. The regulations could impose complex, costly requirements on restaurants, colleges, schools, shopping malls, bakeries and many other businesses and institutions. The Clean Air Act was created to address local and regional air pollution, not the emission of carbon dioxide and other global greenhouse gases.

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