Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Blogging Life

I finally found a little time today to do a little blogging, something I used to do pretty regularly, but of late have had precious little time for. Used to be that I would post at least every two or three days, and even every day for short periods. I would visit the blogs of those on my list, leave comments, and respond to comments on Observations.

What changed? Well, one thing was the election came and went, and as I got more and more involved in writing and communicating about the campaign, when it was all over, I just didn’t have the energy or the wherewithal to continue at that pace.

Another thing was that somehow my time for such “personal” things has shrunk, partly due to the time I spend researching and writing my newspaper column and posting that on several sites. Sometimes, the weekly column is the only thing I put on Observations in a week.

I always wanted Observations to be a site with heavy traffic, but for various reasons it never got there. The biggest reason is that it takes a lot of time and energy and attention to keep fresh material on the site, and I just didn’t have enough of what it takes. Then there’s that matter of putting things up that a lot of people want to read.

Today, I managed to visit my list of blogs to see what everyone was up to, and found that two of my blogger buddies have decided within the last few days to suspend, or perhaps to completely quit posting, and another one has cut way back, due to having decided to continue her education. This is actually the third time my list has has gone through such a transformation. I guess it’s just the way things go. Each time it has happened, I rebuild the list, adding new blogs to replace the inactive ones.

And, come to think of it, this period of relative inactivity of mine might have been interpreted as me doing what my three buddies have done.

It is my hope to return to my former posting habits, both the frequency and the variety of posts.

Time will tell.

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