Saturday, March 28, 2009

Black rage at the heart of anti-police demonstrations in Oakland

In Oakland, California the other day, a violent young punk who was being sought for breaking provisions of his parole on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon killed four police officers and wounded two others in separate shootings that began with a traffic stop and ended with a gun battle.

Lovelle Mixon was killed in a shoot-out with police after he ran from the scene of the first shooting and holed up in a building.

Mixon was a black man, who was thought to have raped four women, and was upset that he couldn’t find a job because he was a convicted felon, and feared going back to jail.

Of course, that’s a good enough reason to shoot and kill the two police officers who stopped your car because it had expired tags, and then kill two more who were then going to arrest you for killing the first two.

If you believe the militant blacks who defended Mixon and vilified the police who were shot and killed for doing their job, the other “Africans” like Mixon who live in that “African” neighborhood are oppressed by police, and are therefore fair game for their misplaced rage at their circumstances.

Such idiotic protestations are perhaps what some predicted would result if Barack Obama was elected President, as that event would embolden some radical blacks to believe they can now do pretty much what they want, since one of their own is President of the United States.

Question: Will President Obama speak out specifically against this militant behavior and provide needed leadership to like-thinking black people in America?

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