Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thank Heaven this Nightmare is At Long Last Over

The campaign was too long by at least half. Now that it’s over, the lament of the lovely Lillie Von Schtupp springs to mind: “I'm so tired.”

Me, I’m tired of listening to campaign rhetoric.

I’m tired of listening to Barack Obama’s weird elocution: The way his voice drops off in the middle of a sentence like it’s the end of the sentence; the way he so frequently mispronounces syllables with the “eee” sound, like “foreign pol-i-seh.” The prospect of four or, God help us, eight years of that is a horrible one, indeed.

I’m also tired of hearing about mavericks, and “my friends.”

Mostly, however, I’m disgusted with the corrupt and discredited media that apparently doesn’t even notice that it has abandoned it ethics and responsibility, or that it shafted the American people in the process of getting their guy elected. In fact, the media pretty much set up this election, not only favoring Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton in the Democrat primary, but favoring John McCain in the Republican primary.

You may remember that McCain was the media’s darling because of his maverick-ness in opposition to the hated conservative/Republican ideology, and the memory of how he was treated in South Carolina when he opposed Mr. Bush for the nomination. He was “the one” until, that is, their real favorite guy got the Democrat nomination.

From that point on, John McCain was the red-headed step-child, and the media worked overtime to demonize him and Sarah Palin.

Sadly, there is no reason to expect, or even to realistically hope that the media will return to its honorable station as the objective, balanced and accurate purveyor of dependable information any time soon.

If that doesn’t make you tired, you clearly don’t understand the situation.

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