Saturday, November 01, 2008

Obama Sheeple Continue to Ignore the Brutal Truth

Maybe it’s because they are hypnotized. Maybe it’s because it is “time for a black president.” Maybe it is because they do recognize the threat Barack Obama poses to the United States. Whatever the explanation, despite the considerable evidence that he is unfit to hold office, millions of adoring, fawning fans are prepared to vote for him on Tuesday, and some already have, even before they’ve allowed the campaign to run its courses.

His myriad of questionable associations with racist, anti-America preachers; his questionable association and sharing an office with an unapologetic radical domestic terrorist; his unexplained fondness for a man now convicted of fraud who helped him buy his million dollar-plus house; his activities in support of the odious community organization/fraudulent voter registration purveyor; his complete lack of preparation and insufficient experience for the job; his mindless and incompetent socialistic economics, his belief that the U.S. Constitution, the best document of its kind in human history, is a deeply flawed document; and the fact that all of these things make him a man whose ideals and philosophies are strongly at odds with the thinking of the vast majority of Americans … none of this is as important to these pitiful folks than that he is a black man who gives a good speech, make dozens of empty appeals for hope, and promises to give them money.

It is a sad day in the history of the United States when someone so greatly flawed can even be nominated, let alone stand a good chance of being elected to mislead the U.S.

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