Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You Go Joe! Biden Re-inserts His Foot

Speaking at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley today, Joe Biden was trying to tie John McCain to George Bush, and used the “if it walks like a duck” analogy to try to compare the two. Pointing to the past associations between McCain and Bush, Biden crowed, “If it looks like a Bush, if it sounds like a Bush, if it votes like a Bush, it is a Bush economic philosophy.”

But Senator Foot-in-Mouth should not start down the road of past associations, given the shady, nay, shocking associations his running mate has in his closet with the likes of a domestic terrorist, convicted felon and a number of racist and anti-America preachers.

So, using Biden’s model: “if he worked with a terrorist, if he sat in the church of a racist preacher, if he had dealings with a convicted felon, he must be a terrorist/racist/felon.”

Thanks, Joe.

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