Thursday, October 09, 2008

What Happens If Obama Doesn’t Win?

When it became official that Barack Obama was the Democrat’s nominee for President of the United States of America, you could almost feel the simultaneous relief and joy of so many. The mainstream media, long fawning for the African American candidate, at last had its choice validated, and all those who have lamented for so long that the closest thing to a black president America has had in the decades since slavery was abolished was Bill Clinton, now could breathe easy: the historic moment was now within sight, now within the nation’s grasp.

Abroad, all those nations who so warmly embraced Mr. Obama were beginning to believe that America may at long last renounce its racist attitude and do what it should have done years ago: elect an African American president.

Suddenly, the contest for the presidency morphed from a mere political contest into a grand question of morality.

Not long thereafter it became clear that not all Americans had jumped on board the Barack Obama Bandwagon, that there was someone else vying for that position and that other person had a lot of support. John McCain threatened America’s opportunity to show that it is not a racist nation and to deny what must not be denied.

Gradually, the message emerged that if Barack Obama loses in November it will in fact underscore just how racist America is. The most innocent comments were labeled “racist,” and those who were careless enough to have uttered one of them were guilty of “racism.”

As Election Day grows nearer, the heat is being turned up. Despite polls showing an Obama lead, desperation is beginning to set in, and the Obama camp feels the need to strengthen its message so that no one can fail to understand what the stakes are in this election.

Even before the heat went up, columnist Pat Buchanan predicted what is now occurring. In a column near the end of August, Mr. Buchanan said the following: “No candidate has ever been nominated by a major party with fewer credentials or a weaker claim to the presidency, or more doubts as to his core beliefs. If Obama wins, the country could be in real trouble. And if he loses, the country could be in real trouble.”

In one terse statement, Mr. Buchanan told us that since Sen. Obama is unprepared for the job, things could get worse if he’s elected, and that if he isn’t elected, things could get worse.

What does that mean?

Let Democrat operative James Carville explain: “But you stop and contemplate this country if Obama goes in and he has a consistent five point lead and loses the election, it would be very, very, very dramatic out there.”

Is Mr. Carville predicting racial strife if John McCain wins? Is that what Pat Buchanan was getting at?

Seems so.

After first trying to shame Americans into voting for Barack Obama, now they are trying to scare Americans into electing him with the specter of race riots.

The question is: will America allow itself to be pushed into this decision out of fear?

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