Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe, the “Plumber”: What a Phony

When Barack Obama walked into the Ohio neighborhood the other day, all he wanted to do was to talk to the regular folks, find out what they are thinking about America. Seeing the Democrat candidate in his neighborhood, Joe Wurzelbacher, who was playing ball with his son, decided to go and talk to Sen. Obama.

Instead of blubbering the usual and expected “golly-gee” commentary people normally offer, Joe viciously attacked the candidate about his proposed tax plan that Joe feared would raise his taxes, based on his plan to buy the company he works for. "Your new tax plan is going to tax me more, isn't it?" Joe dared to ask.

What gall. What audacity. Who does Joe think he is? And playing ball with his son; how does that qualify him to talk with “The One?”

Someone should look into Joe’s past and see what prompted him to lie in wait for The One. Is he on the McCain payroll? Was he put up to it?

This man deserves to have made public all the dirt the media can find on him, or create. He must be destroyed. Uppity people like Joe the “plumber” are the ones responsible for the sad shape America is in today.

The media has to quit diddling around and turn its resources on this arrogant “plumber” and bring him to his knees. That is a far more important role for the media to play at this critical time in the election than covering irrelevancies like ACORN voter registration irregularities, and dumb questions about The One and his past alliances with university professors, innocent political fund raisers, and Christian and Catholic ministers, and trying in vain to tie Democrats to the sub-prime mortgage fiasco.

The media has disgraced itself by ignoring “Joe the plumber.”

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