Saturday, October 18, 2008

Joe the Plumber: An American Hero

Why is Joe the Plumber an American Hero? Read on.

Is it because that as a guy who was minding his own business playing ball with his young son in his yard in Ohio the other day when Barack Obama strolled down the street to meet the regular folk who live in Joe’s neighborhood and find out what was on their minds, Joe decided to go over and talk with Sen. Obama?

Well, not specifically, but that’s part of it.

Is it because Joe asked a question of Mr. Obama and became the subject of tremendous attention from the media and Mr. Obama’s opponent John McCain, garnering for himself an examination of his private life out of all proportion to his role in the political circus swirling around him, and becoming a symbol for media bias, bullying, and out-of-control unfairness?

Yes, partially.

But Joe is an American hero because as a regular guy who works hard for a living to raise his family he asked a very intelligent question of Barack Obama, and Mr. Obama in a moment of rare honesty revealed what he really believes. Responding to Joe’s question that the Obama plan would raise his taxes, Mr. Obama said that, yes, his plan would raise Joe’s taxes, and that he thinks it is important to “spread the wealth around.”

Karl Marx would be proud of the concept Sen. Obama let slip out, but he would be horrified that the candidate would have been so careless as to express that idea so plainly.

Since that fateful day Joe has told us that he disagrees with the Obama concept of spreading the wealth around. He believes it is immoral to take money from someone who has earned it and give money to those who have not earned it. He believes that it is up to each individual to decide to whom to give assistance with the money they have earned, not for the government to decide.

Joe understands so well what Barack Obama and so many of his followers understand so poorly: that America is the land of individual freedom, not the land of government control, and not the land of dependence upon government. America is an opportunity state, not a welfare state. America thrives on capitalism, not on socialism.

And that is why Joe the Plumber is an American hero.

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