Saturday, October 25, 2008

How Deep Does Obama’s Dishonesty Go?

That headline will undoubtedly anger Sen. Obama’s supporters, who believe he walks on water. But it reflects a characteristic of his that those who are not under his spell see as a substantial and all-too-real problem.

Following along with its common practice of ignoring the warts on their candidate’s nose, the mainstream media has failed to hold Mr. Obama responsible for reneging on his vow to accept public financing for his campaign after the primary season. Both he and John McCain said they would forgo traditional financing of their presidential campaign, and would rely instead on federal money. Doing so limits a candidate to $85 million.

But on the heels of his record-setting fund raising success, Sen. Obama decided he could make far more money than the federal financing limit, and broke his vow, while Sen. McCain has remained true to his pledge. Consequently, the Obama campaign expenditures dwarf those of Mr. McCain, giving him a substantial advantage. Crime may not pay, but dishonesty apparently does.

Barack Obama’s duplicitous behavior on campaign financing and other flip-flops demonstrate convincingly that he isn’t above breaking his word when it suits him.

I wonder what other promises he will renege on if he’s elected.

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