Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Barack Obama:
Important Questions Remain

As Election Day 2008 nears, important questions swirl around Democrat nominee Barack Obama, questions that scream out for answers. But answers are not forthcoming, and that ought to create just a little curiosity and concern among voters.

Barack Obama’s people are trying very hard to convince voters that nagging questions about his past are irrelevant. His associations with such nefarious characters as William Ayers, Tony Rezko, Emil Jones, Jr., Rashid Khalidi, Father Michael Pfleger, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, to name a few, raise legitimate questions not only about Mr. Obama’s mindset and judgment in associating with these people, sometimes for years on end, but also what effect they had on his philosophy, the philosophy he will take to the White House with him if he is elected. No one should be surprised at the Obama campaign preferring to ignore the questions, because there are no satisfactory answers to those questions.

You have likely heard the flap about whether Mr. Obama is really a citizen of the United States. Obama supporters think this issue is an absurd charge, but Phillip J. Berg, a Pennsylvania Democrat, believes Sen. Obama is not eligible to be president, and has filed suit in Federal District Court in Pennsylvania to force Mr. Obama to show proof by virtue of a legitimate birth certificate that he is indeed a U.S. citizen. You might expect the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee to be anxious to put this question to rest, but instead of producing a valid birth certificate, they have chosen to try to delay the court proceeding. Why not just produce a valid birth certificate, Senator?

Are you one of the 95 percent of Americans who will supposedly get a tax cut from Barack Obama? Or, are you one of the five percent of Americans making $250,000 or more a year that will be forced to be patriotic and pay higher taxes to fund everybody else’s tax cut? Or, are you one of the 42.5 million income tax filers who pay no taxes, but are lumped into that 95 percent that will get a tax cut? Or, are you one of those people who work for a small business that will see a hefty tax increase from Mr. Obama, and whose job will thus be put in jeopardy?

How do you feel about Barack Obama’s role in sowing the seeds of the raging financial crisis through his work with ACORN, the community organization that provoked Chicago banks into giving more loans to low-income residents who were not qualified borrowers until the Community Reinvestment Act came along? Do you realize Sen. Obama helped to increase the number of bad loans that were made?

Do you believe that Mr. Obama’s economic socialism is the right path for America to follow during this economic emergency (or ever?), raising taxes on capital gains and dampening investment at the precise moment investment is so badly needed? Increasing the maximum total tax rate to 47 percent or more on the country’s most productive citizens, those who provide about half of the jobs in the nation? Increasing government spending, taking more money from the private sector and shifting more power to the federal government? Do you believe that taking up to half of someone’s earnings is ever justified? Is it fair?

It is a difficult to think about those questions, to think about Sen. Obama’s positions on those and other issues, and vote for him next month.

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