Wednesday, September 03, 2008

People in Minnesota Demonstrating
Their Abysmal Ignorance

That line is borrowed from an English professor from long ago talking about people doing a man-on-the-street interview, and while it is not original, it is certainly an apt description of the protesters at the Republican Convention in St. Paul.

These fools go around wearing masks like common thieves, physically assaulting convention delegates by pushing and shoving them, throwing bleach and other liquids on them, spitting on them, cursing them, trying to steal their credentials, breaking out windows of businesses unfortunate enough to be where they gather, throwing rocks and bottles at police, and other similar criminal activities. These are real classy people. It’s embarrassing to know that such cretins inhabit the United States.

One of the idiots was shown chanting, “This is what democracy looks like.” No, jackass, that’s not what democracy looks like, that’s what felonies look like. It’s what punks look like.

Democracy looks like people expressing their opinion against or for some cause, without stooping to being thugs or hoodlums. Democracy looks like people promoting their ideas in a fashion that doesn’t turn more people against their cause than it attracts.

Many of these morons have earned a healthy stint in the slammer, perhaps some hard labor, and have to pay for the damage and injuries they have caused by the toil of their hands.

It’s not their fault, but Democrats will get the blame for this asinine behavior, because these jerks are far-left whackos. I wonder if the Democrats will condemn this despicable and criminal behavior.

Just in case you’re wondering, I am tense and angry about this crap.

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