Sunday, August 24, 2008

Let The Gaffes Begin

Well, we’re off and running.

Barack Obama’s choice of Senator Joe Biden as his running mate has generated a great deal of discussion, some of it positive, some of it negative.

Sen. Biden brings Obama some strength in an area where he is horribly weak, foreign relations. And there are other pluses he brings with him.

On the negative side, Mr. Biden has a penchant for speaking without thinking, and putting his foot in his mouth, sometimes with terribly harmful results.

My friend Kenna and I have a bet on how long it will be before a gaffe emanates from his lips.

On the first day of campaigning, at the first public event, Mr. Biden made a boo-boo, though not a true gaffe. Talking about Sen. Obama, Mr. Biden announced that Obama is a man he’s glad to call a friend, “the next President of the United States, Barack America.”

But that wasn’t the only goof that day. In introducing his vice presidential hopeful, Sen. Obama introduced Sen. Biden, Obama said, “Let me introduce to you, the next President — Vice President — of the United States…”

Should be an interesting two months.

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