Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Denver Convention: Michelle Obama

The Monday highlight was the address of Michelle Obama to the party faithful, Mrs. Obama did a very good job; she handled herself very well in a difficult circumstance. She was at ease, and came across well.

I particularly liked her description of her early years, and especially the story of her father, who despite being increasingly ill with Multiple Sclerosis managed to get up every day, and get himself to work to provide for his family. What a great story. It tells us that Michelle Obama had a fairly normal American childhood.

Despite these positives, her speech really said nothing substantive.

It was designed to counter the anti-America, anti-white image she created earlier in the campaign. It was read and reread, edited, focus grouped, and manipulated to what we saw Monday night. I'm sure the party faithful took the bait. Did you notice the number of women in the audience who were crying? This is demonstrative of the Democrats approach to life and politics: It's about emotion, disguised as compassion.

I don't know about the rest of the country, but I’m not convinced.

Why would a woman who admires her father’s hard work to make a go of it and make a good life for his children want to change that system to one where the government comes in and replaces what her father did with a handout? That’s what her husband wants to do.

But there are two Michelle Obama’s, and the other one is a very different person than the one we say Monday in Denver.

Michelle grew up in a fairly conventional American family, having a hard way to go, but facing their adversity and conquering it. Over the last twenty years, however, she has come under an entirely different influence, the poisonous environment of the Trinity United Church of Christ under the control of the anti-America, anti-white demagogue, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. It is this influence that converted Michelle from a conventional American into a militant black woman who has subscribed to the vitriolic Black Liberation Theology that teaches blacks that they are victims of rich white people.

Monday night we saw a successful woman who loves her kids and loves her husband. There is nothing unusual there; nearly every woman in America fits that description. But the other aspects of her life stand in stark relief to this fairy tale picture, and I’m betting that most Americans won’t be fooled by the Monday night performance.

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