Monday, June 09, 2008

Been Warm Lately

Here it is the beginning of June, not even summer yet, and in Nature’s Air Conditioned City, temperatures have ranged from the mid-80s to over 90, depending upon where in the area you are. A nearby town was said to have hit 102 today. Frankly, I doubt that, but I don’t doubt that some thermometer somewhere may have read 102.

In Nature’s Air Conditioned City temperatures in the upper 80s and above are unusual, so unusual that in the 40s the Chamber of Commerce began offering free lemonade the day after the temperature reached 90 degrees. There were pretty girls clad in shorts serving the tasty ade, and it was quite an event, given its rarity. Particularly when the official temperature upon which the decision to serve lemonade is determined at the airport, which is on a mountain top away from the warmer asphalt and concrete of the downtown area, and usually a few degrees cooler there.

Over the last several years, it has become more frequent, no doubt due to manmade global warming.

Today, the car thermometer read 93 at work, which is due in part to the fact that my car was sitting in the sun. When I got home, which is at a higher elevation, the car read only 91, still in the sun. The porch thermometer read a cooler 88. Officially at the airport today, it was 88, a record for this day set in 1966.

Temperatures in this range are unusual at any time of the year for our little burg, but nearly unheard of in June, especially for this many days in a row. If we get that high at all, it is in late July and August.

Well, I’m not complaining, especially remembering the chilly days of winter, and remembering my buddy Buffalo’s stories of Friendly, Frozen Manitoba.

It was the first evening we have been out on the deck, one of my favorite places at home. I had to stain the deck, or about half of it, before we could use it. It is very pleasant, even if a little warm.

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