Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Tuesday started early, about 6:50 a.m., reluctantly. I filled the morning with some reading, some writing and some surfing and a little breakfast. Had a bunch of “business” email to deal with. It wasn’t a restful night; up late and up early.

We finally made it to the beach in the afternoon, and even though it was still windy, it was a good, if short, span of relaxation. It was in the mid- upper-80s this afternoon; the sand was hot, but the water was cold. Very cold.You can see some debris on the beach, evidence of some recent stormy weather. We took a short walk on the beach, and that was nice, but the best part was just lying in the sun. There’s something about baking in the sun listening to the surf that just takes all the tension away. About a half-hour or 40 minutes was all of the sand blasting we could take, and then we headed back to the condo, for more reading, writing and surfing.

We hooked up with a former student of the college where Diane works who had been a work/study student. He lives nearby and is working on a masters degree, and he and his fiancĂ© had dinner with the five of us in what is known as “downtown Pungo.” A decent restaurant called Seacrest served up a nice fried seafood platter for me, surf and turf for Ryan, drunken clams for Christen, chopped steak for Kath, and fried shrimp for Di. Good company and decent food.

We headed back to the condo and after a ride along the beach road looking at the beach houses we called it a day.

Today probably sounded like a wasted day, but it was really better than it sounds. But it’s been a little bit of an odd vacation, so far.

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