Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Momma Duck Update

I have been checking on Momma Duck periodically to see if we have a family in the nest yet, and as of today we do not. Momma is patiently sitting in the nest, but there is no sign of little ones as of this evening.

I have noticed pairs of Mallards in the neighborhood, and I reported a while back that there was a male and a female together in our driveway several days ago, and thought the female was Momma. More recently, there was a female on the porch steps, and I have concluded that neither of those females was Momma. Or, perhaps, it might have been Momma, and another female was sitting on the nest.

I don’t know anything about how ducks handle this situation, but Momma has to get food and water sometime, somehow.

Maybe Jules can enlighten us.

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