Friday, May 16, 2008

Empty Nest Syndrome

A few days ago when I looked out the patio door up at the spot where Mama Duck sat so stoically every day, I noticed that I couldn’t see her head. So, I ventured up there to take a closer look, and sure enough, she was gone. I ruffled the leaves a little, looking for eggs or broken shells, and found neither. A little later I saw that she had returned.

The last couple of days have been extremely busy, and I didn’t get many chances to check out whether she was there or not, but I did see her once or twice.

Yesterday, I noticed that Mama appeared to be gone, but it was raining most of the time I had a chance to go look. This morning, I ventured up there to find eggs that are broken open, and no sign of little ones. I guess I just missed the big events, hatching and hours later the march to the water. I hope the family is doing okay.

I’ll check out the nest more closely when I get a chance.

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