Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ah, Spring

It appears that spring may finally have arrived. The weather has been warming up for the last couple of weeks, trees are greening up, tulips and flowering trees are in bloom, I’ve had to mow the lawn twice already … yep, spring is here.

That’s not to say that there is no further threat of a cold spell, though. It’s a rule of thumb around here that May 15 is the day after which it is usually, though not always, safe to put out the plants. Another such rule holds that you don’t put things out until its green all the way to the top of the mountain. That’s still a couple of weeks away, by my judgment.

It was very nice today, pretty cloudy, but about 82 degrees, and I was out trying to finish up cleaning up the property this afternoon. Still many leaves and other remnants of fall and winter to take care of, and also spraying the unwanted little green things that spring up among the gravel on the walk and such. I’d been outside for about two hours when Diane got home from a couple of errands, so I came inside for a bit.

I sat down to have some lunch and rest for a while when we heard rumbling. We were about to experience the first thunderstorm of the season. Not long thereafter, sure enough, the rains came, big drops at first, and then gradually gaining speed and frequency until it was a full-scale downpour. I look out through the patio door and noticed some white stuff bouncing off the deck: Hail. The stones were many, but fortunately not very big. And they didn’t last very long.

The first thunderstorm is a good sign that spring is finally here.

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