Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Filler

A blogger friend, JL Pagano at All Smoke and Mirrors, used to post the search words that brought people to his site, and the search words were often interesting, sometimes puzzling, and occasionally bizarre.

Since I don’t have anything of substance to post today (yet), I am going to steal/borrow Mr. P’s idea and show you some of the search words that bring people to Observations, and perhaps comment on them.

  • barbra streisand nude – I could write a column on why I don’t like Barbra, but suffice it to say that nude pics of her will not appear on Observations.
  • articles on the viewpoints of martha stewart's conviction – I did at least comment on Martha’s travesty.
  • "rude fans ", professional sports – Most of my comments on professional sports criticize the babies who make millions playing games, not their fans.
  • breakdown of uninsured in America – This badly distorted issue has been addressed here.
  • how family members behave when their beloved is dead or self inflicted injury? – A total puzzle. I have no idea why this would bring someone to Observations.
  • discovery channel cia disclosed no one landed on moon – Another mystery.
  • croton oil – Help! What is “croton oil?”
  • mission viejo lots of muslims – Muslims sometimes are a topic, especially the fanatical, violent variety.
  • funny remarks of bum Phillips – I know Bum Phillips is a coach; I didn’t know he is funny; I don’t really care.
  • common sense rip poem – No clue.
  • did ralph nader ever say we should put marine's off the coast of florida – Given Ralph’s odd proclivities, it is possible, but it’s not been a subject here.
There you have it, folks.

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