Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fairy Tales and Misfeasance

Despite the best efforts of the demagogues in the environmental movement the fact that manmade global warming is a fairy tail that would make the Brothers Grimm proud is beginning to seep into the public consciousness. If not a true fairy tale, it is at least an unproved and grossly exaggerated idea –and it is just an idea - warranting more investigation and less trumpeting. But the greenies don’t want an honest debate on the issue, or, in fact, any debate at all.

What passes for honest debate these days is merely fear mongering. Rather than discuss the issue and hold a public dialogue on whether or not man’s activities actually do cause significant levels of greenhouse gases, environmentalists prefer to avoid discussing the issue and instead produce a series of frightening scenarios that they say will occur because of manmade global warming. It is much easier to try to scare people with horrific stories of doom and gloom than it is to debate the issue and give opponents of the manmade global warming theory a platform for their contrary opinion.

A prime example of this fear mongering is a story in the local paper the other day, the headline of which stated: “Twenty-one cities around the globe threatened by rising sea levels.” An organization named the Worldwatch Institute claims that of the 33 cities predicted to have at least eight million people by 2015, at least 21 are highly vulnerable. The story goes on to say that more than one-tenth of the world’s population lives in low lying areas at risk from climate change, according to “experts.”

This story is written from the perspective that climate change is definitely, undeniably the cause of the predicted flooding of those 21 cities. There is no mention of the ongoing dispute about whether or not man’s activities truly have a significant effect on global warming; that possibility is assumed to be true. However, there are at least as many climate scientists that deny man’s role in climate change as there are climate scientists who support man’s role in climate change. And, many authorities believe that the number that does not support the manmade global warming idea is vastly greater than those that do.

Advocates of a particular perspective can be expected to do many things in order to promote their views. And in cases where there are two or more opposing views, as there most often are, we depend upon the media to present balanced reporting of those views. Where the issue of manmade global warming is concerned the media has failed to do its duty.

The global warming issue is one more example of the failure of the American media to adequately serve the American people by providing them with balanced, fair, objective reporting that prepares them to make sensible and informed decisions about crucial issues that face our nation.

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