Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Silly Season is at Last Coming to an End

The most notable thing to come from the Democrat’s debate the other night was to watch how the candidates dealt with the hard questions.

Pulling troops out of Iraq was the most eye-opening issue, showing that a few of the front-runners finally realize that the popular answers aren’t sensible answers. Senators Clinton and Obama, and former Senator Edwards suddenly have begun to equivocate on their prior rash comments, and only those with little chance of winning the nomination are willing to stick with the silly and unrealistic answer that they would pull troops out ASAP.

The luxury of an extended campaign period of truly ridiculous proportions is slipping away, and sloppy thinking and foolish comments about things like the Iraq situation that were designed to excite those described by Wes Pruden as “the angry, the frustrated and the gullible,” just won’t wash anymore, as the first official votes grow closer.

From this point forward the debate will begin to grow more serious, and the answers to questions will be more carefully framed. Feeding red meat to the wild-eyed partisans is over, except for the fringe candidates who will grasp at any tactic that will help them gain relevance, and you can expect the wild-eyed partisans to start “eating their own” when the answers they want to hear aren’t the answers they get.

The fun is just beginning.

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