Monday, September 03, 2007

New Column Up at Spero News

After a long, dry spell where I haven't been able to write anything I felt appropriate for Spero News, the site that invited me to contribute material nearly a year ago, over the weekend I did manage to bang out something suitable. Following is a pull-quote from the column that Spero used as a teaser, and a link to the column for anyone interested in reading the entire piece.

I should say that after submitting the column I noticed an editing error, which I have requested Spero fix, so if you see something weird and stupid, that's why.

Absent from news on uninsured is any meaningful breakdown that helps us understand just who is uninsured, for how long, and why. Also absent is the fact that the total of 47 million is disputed. Read the entire column, America's Uninsured.

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