Monday, September 17, 2007


Well, I got an earlier start today than yesterday, about 7:30. We had some coffee and a little breakfast and decided to go out on our own and find out how to get to the beach on foot. That really wasn’t difficult; just a matter of a little common sense and a 20-minute walk. I still don’t understand why The Shipyard plantation doesn’t furnish little amenities like that for their guests. It was a nice day: sunny, but not too warm, but a little breezy.

When we got to the beach we found another day of sand blasting; just too much wind at the beach for comfort. So we headed back to the room and got ready to go out and about. We shopped a little (for me, any shopping is a lot) and had lunch at Giuseppi’s, which I alluded to earlier. In the afternoon, we spent a little time in the sun, and then explored the options for dinner. We decided on Catch 22, an interesting looking seafood place.

What a great choice! Our waiter was Keith, a transplanted Kentuckian who for the last 15 years has waited tables at night and ridden kite boards during the day. As it turns out, not every one is bummed out by the high winds on the beach, and Keith is one of them. He told us that the combination of high surf (a result of the wind) and the stiff breeze gives him and his fellow kite boarders a hot time on the waves. Well, at least someone likes these stiff breezes. Today, he said, he and his fellow kite boarders were able to fly up to 50 feet above the ocean. Wow!

Back to dinner: Diane had the Pecan-Crusted Free Range Chicken, served with jalapeno corn cake, green beans and peach chutney. It was goooood. I found myself stuck between five different entrees, and Keith resolved the issue by recommending the one that was one of Chef Bryan’s specials for the night, Potato Encrusted Yellowtail Snapper “served over baby arugula with Vidalia onion, vine ripened tomatoes and lump crap with a honed basil vinaigrette.” It was fantastic; the best so far, and it’ll be hard to beat.

After a short walk around the harbor, it was back to the room and the MASH 30th Anniversary Reunion on TV Land.

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