Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Frenzied Left’s Rush to Irrelevance

It is only the most recent example of liberal excess, but it is perhaps the most effective example of just how far over the edge the fringe of the political Left has fallen.’s ad in The New York Times shows the world just how foolish the fringe Left has become. The ad, in case you haven’t heard about it, uses a juvenile alteration of the general’s last name to imply that the report he was about to give Congress was nothing more than lies created by the White House. What an insult to a man who has risen to the heights of the military establishment and has devoted his life to defending his country. has the right to put any ad in a newspaper that the newspaper is willing to print. However, MoveOn ought to have had better sense and a far less gutter-dweller sense of appropriate political discourse than demonstrated in this vicious and slanderous ad.

But, MoveOn’s goofy thought process is not the only issue in this shameful incident. It is fair to wonder why The New York Times would print such a reprehensible advertisement. And, The Times needs to explain why it gave a rate for the ad that was some $100,000 less than the paper’s open rate. Newspapers frequently discount ad rates for certain organizations that qualify for it, and perhaps MoveOn qualified for a discount. However, discounting and ad that normally costs around $160,000 by $100,000 seems a little too good of a discount.

MoveOn’s ignoble ad serves to show just how far the organization has strayed from sensible public debate, and sensible Americans will recognize that and disregard anything MoveOn has to say in the future.

The New York Times, by running this dishonorable piece of gutter politics, and giving MoveOn a cherry deal on it, has demonstrated that it is little more than a shill for the radical Left.

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