Monday, September 17, 2007

Food, So Far

In response to Steve’s pointing out how negligent I’ve been in not talking about our dinners, here’s the report so far:

Saturday evening, Scott’s Fish Market: Scott’s is on the harbor; a very nice setting, with outside tables, which we chose. Diane had fried shrimp and I had a fried seafood platter, with scallops, shrimp, white fish and a deviled crab with French fries for both of us. All in all, a very decent dinner.

Sunday evening, Marley’s Island Grille: Diane had corn chowder, then pork tenderloin with a ginger and soy glaze and a peanut dipping sauce. The corn chowder was great, and the pork was good, too, although I’m not as fond as she is of ginger. I had the Captain’s Seafood Trio, consisting of broiled scallops, grouper and crab-stuffed butter-flied shrimp, and the thing that drew me to the Trio: black beans and rice, very tasty! The whole thing was terrific.

Monday lunch, Giuseppi’s Pizza and Pasta: We went here on a recommendation from a friend, who said it was the best pizza he’d ever had. It was good, mine was, anyway, but Diane wasn’t thrilled. Tonight, we’re headed for a seafood place with a great name: Catch 22.

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