Friday, August 24, 2007

Couey to Die for Raping, Killing Child

A Florida judge sentenced John Evander Couey to death Friday for the kidnap, rape and murder of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford, the only fitting sentence for a lowlife scumbag like Couey, at least so far as the law allows.

Based on testimony from the trial, Judge Richard Howard explained how Couey confessed to raping Jessica and spoke of the sexual assault in "crude, vulgar and repulsive comments" made to corrections officers. Howard also recounted in detail how Couey bound Jessica's hands with speaker wire, and after telling her that was how he would return her to her home had her step into one black plastic garbage bag and knotted the bag over her head, and then slipped another garbage bag over the first one, which he then knotted below her feet before burying her alive in a hole dug behind the mobile home he shared with his sister. The increasing weight of the dirt Couey shoveled on Jessica made it impossible for her to inhale or exhale, causing a "slow, suffering and conscious death," Judge Howard told the courtroom.

The judge’s recounting of the last minutes of this little girl’s life was graphic enough to send chills down the spine of every feeling person on Earth. John Couey is a worthless individual who cannot justify the breath he draws.

The most fitting end for Couey would be for him to be placed inside two trash bags and buried alive, like his young, defenseless victim, unless we could hang him by his privates and peel his skin from him over a period of three or four weeks.

Couey is a flawed individual, as most of these perverts are, and the human race will be far better if we eliminate them as soon a possible. Unfortunately, it will likely be 13 years before this schmuck draws his last breath, unless the prison justice system gets him first.

Couey ought to get a couple of appeals, and immediately after the second one upholds his sentence he ought to be escorted from the courtroom and put to death.

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