Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Rant

There is no political leader that I totally agree with, I’ve found, but there are some that I either agree with most of the time, or agree with generally and therefore support. George Bush is one in the latter category; I generally agree with him and support his presidency.

However, if things keep going the way they are, by the time his term ends I may not support him at all.

To start with, I support Mr. Bush on the war on terror, even on the warrant-less surveillance program, and I support going into Iraq, despite the valiant efforts of the history rewriters who try to make us believe that it really wasn’t the case that nearly everyone believed Saddam Hussein had WMD, and that widely held position was underscored by SH’s continual defiance of UN resolutions and inspections.

And, I support the President for commuting Lewis Libby’s jail sentence, as Libby most likely did nothing wrong at all, and if he did, it had no effect on anything. But this is where my support for Mr. Bush begins to slide. He should just pardon Libby, and let it be known that he won’t stand for politicizing the legal process and for witch hunting. Attention Mr. Bush: The next target is Alberto Gonzalez.

I have never bought into the “big government conservatism” concept, so here is one large area of disagreement. Conservatives believe that the smaller the government, and the less intrusive the government, the better. Far too much money is being spent on government, and it isn’t any more acceptable because a Republican/conservative is.

And I’m thoroughly disgusted with Bush administration’s idiotic position on illegal aliens and failing to strengthen border security, which is the second major area of disagreement, and right now is the most important one. That he hasn’t pardoned the two Border Patrol agents is only fuels an already smoldering fire.

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