Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Amnesty: No
Enforcement: Yes

The amnesty bill now being debated in the U.S. Senate, the Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007, doesn’t pass the smell test for those Americans concerned with their culture, the rule of law, fairness in bringing in new citizens, and a common sense approach to immigration.

We have some number of millions of illegal aliens—perhaps as many as 40 million, by some estimates—in this country thanks to the negligence of the federal government and the willful complicity of many cities, counties and states. Many or most of these illegal aliens are probably good people looking for a better life than they could make back home, but more than a few of them are not good people. They are criminals, drug dealers, drunk drivers and maybe—even likely—terrorists.

Each of these people, good or not good, is by definition a lawbreaker, a criminal.

It isn’t difficult to get into the U.S. if you want to get in. There are numerous checkpoints manned by the Border Patrol for those who want to do it the right way, but it isn’t much of a challenge for those who won’t or can’t come in legally. Our government has miserably failed in one of the very few legitimate duties it has: guarding its borders against interlopers. If you value your family and your belongings, you lock your house to keep the thieves out. That might keep only the less determined thieves out, but it is at least taking some positive action to protect your valued possessions. The United States hasn’t locked its doors; it left them wide open. And that isn’t the fault of the Border Patrol, it is a policy failure that goes back decades.

The amnesty bill is one attempt to correct all these problems, but it is a pitifully inept attempt that, among other things, rewards illegal aliens for breaking the law. That won’t fly.

What will fly with Americans that care about preserving their country and way of life is a plan that at the very least doesn’t reward bad behavior, and put gate-crashers ahead of paying customers; one that requires people who want to adopt the U.S. and its way of life as their own to integrate themselves into the existing society by learning about our country’s history and traditions, and learning to speak its language; one that expects people to earn their way in, not sneak in; a plan that says to all who want to come here, “we don’t take just anybody, you have to be worthy of becoming an American.”

Anything less won’t pass muster, and can’t be allowed by the people to get out of Congress. We must enforce our borders and our immigration laws, and we must deal with illegal aliens like the law breakers they are.

The pandering of the presidential hopefuls who have signed on to this plan is disgusting. Democrats see millions of new Democrat voters; Republicans want to throw a bone to Hispanics so perhaps their votes won’t go so heavily to Democrats. They could care less about what happens to the country with an influx of millions of Mexicans, Central and South Americans and God only knows who else that want to come here on their own terms.

This inane plan must be defeated, and each and every political candidate who supports it must also be defeated.

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