Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Petition in Opposition to Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

Please read the petition below, and if you agree and want to sign it, go here.

To: The US Congress

We the undersigned, citizens of the United States, petition the US Congress to reject any immigration bill that offers amnesty or otherwise rewards people for illegal behavior.

The United States of America is a sovereign nation of diverse cultures living in relative harmony and producing some of the greatest gifts to the world. This nation, while criticized by some, is a beacon of hope for millions of people around the world who risk their lives and their life's savings for the opportunity of a better existence. No where on this planet is there a better place to live where people enjoy freedoms unimagined in most of the world.

This nation was founded and built by immigrants who came here legally in hope of a better future. Those immigrants, inspired by the freedom of this nation and unbridled by oppression helped make this upstart country become the leader of the free world in a fraction of the time that many nations have existed. In just over 200 years America has shown what people who are truly free can accomplish.

This nation is at a crossroad and the actions of the Congress will likely determine whether or not America will continue to thrive. Illegal immigration tears the very fabric of our society and destroys us from within.

Therefore, we demand that the Congress of the United States reject any immigration bill that grants amnesty or rewards illegal behavior. We demand that immigration laws be changed so that the law enforcement of individual states may protect their state's sovereignty by enforcing the immigration law. We recognize that proper enforcement begins with a secure border and therefore demand that the Congress enact laws that require the closure of the southern border of our country by means of a wall and provide appropriate means to do so as well as appropriate measures to secure the remaining borders.

Be it known that the below signed individuals, being citizens of the United States, vow to reject the reelection of any member of Congress, regardless of party affiliation, who votes to allow those here illegally to stay or be otherwise rewarded for their behavior.

One of the greatest gifts a person in America can have is the title of citizen. Do not cheapen this honor by selling that designation for political gain.


The Undersigned

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