Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pap as News

I have to tell you that my patience is wearing thin with Fox News, due to the mindless pap I see too much of on the news channel.

Entertainment reporter (a contradiction in terms?) Bill McCuddy laments the effects Lindsay Lohan’s infantile behavior has on his young daughter, a very real concern, to be sure. But, Bill, do you not realize that people like you, who report on the entertainment industry, and networks like Fox News, that air this garbage hours every day, are the reason this self-absorbed, under-aged, semi-talented girl has the opportunity to affect young girls? And Fox News is not the only network guilty of indulging in this dishonorable activity.

I’m sick of hearing about Lohan/Spears/Hilton and their self-destructive behavior, and I’m sick generally of the degree to which our culture immerses itself in crap like this. Too much news of the entertainment industry and its many miscreants distracts our attention from truly important things, and occupies far too much valuable air time.

Please, for God’s sake, news networks, climb out of the gutter and limit the news to things that are worthy of my time.

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