Sunday, April 08, 2007

What the World Needs Now Is …
A Few Brutally Killed Perverts

I’m normally not a violent person. I think senseless violence is a horrible thing. I don’t like war. Even so, I believe there is a place for violence; violence can serve a useful purpose.

I’ve had it with perverts preying on innocent children. There is no one more evil than someone who sexually or physically abuses a child, and there seems to be a rash of that lately. Maybe it's because we have better and more ways to communicate, maybe it’s because of the 24-hour-a-day news channels, that we hear about these cases more often than we used to, but my feeling is that there is a lot more of it going on today.

It is my opinion that our over-tolerant society encourages people to do things today that 40 years ago most of them would not have done, because back then society wouldn’t stand for it. But over the last 40 years we have gone out of our way to explain why the unacceptable is really not so bad, and we accept asinine excuses that make us less angry about the evil because, we are told, the perpetrator simply “can’t help himself.” He had a bad childhood, or he was neglected or abused or he couldn’t make the football team, or other kids made fun of him or any of numerous other stupid explanations have caused us to “understand the evil” instead of harshly punishing it.

TV news the other day had scenes from a courtroom incident where the family of a murder victim went berserk when the judge gave the human excrement who brutally killed their father/husband/brother a light sentence. That scumbag deserved far worse than being put to death lying on a gurney getting a shot that puts him to sleep forever. He didn’t even get that. He didn’t even get life in prison. A fitting end would have been for the judge to turn him over to the family and let them finish him off. Perhaps then he would have had some appreciation for the horror he visited on his victim.

And that’s my prescription for reducing or stopping the preying on little defenseless kids by adult perverts: Let the public, the families of the victims, or whoever wants to peel their skin off a piece at a time, break their fingers and arms and legs one at a time, crush their testicles with a hammer, pluck their eyes out, or whatever the most painful, the most horrible death humankind can imagine becomes their fate.

I’m betting that once the news gets out that if you sexually abuse a child that is what will happen to you, child sexual abuse will drop dramatically. And if not, then the those cowardly girlie-men will get what they deserve.

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