Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mr. Gore Goes to Washington

Former Vice President, unsuccessful Democrat candidate for President, moviemaker, Academy Award winner, Nobel Prize nominee, and global warming “obsessionite” Al Gore is testifying in Congress today about his passion: Manmade global warming. Before Mr. Gore had uttered even the first of his many predictable words, this episode was already collecting irregularities.

Witnesses are expected to submit their remarks at least 48 hours prior to their time before a committee to allow committee members adequate time to review the testimony and prepare meaningful and well thought out questions for the witness. Mr. Gore missed the deadline; his testimony reportedly arrived at 1 a.m.—yes, that is a.m.—the day of his appearance. Obviously, this leaves little time for supporters and opponents of Mr. Gore’s theory to do their jobs properly.


Mr. Gore was scheduled to appear at 8:30, but reportedly did not arrive until approximately 9:30.


Further, Mr. Gore refused to listen Republican members’ opening statements, which perhaps explains his AWOL status for an hour.


My opinion is that it is reasonable to ask witnesses to meet the 48-hour rule for submitting testimony, that it is reasonable to expect witnesses to arrive on time, and it is reasonable to expect witnesses to listen to all opening statements. Anyone disagree with that?

I didn’t think so.

So why is Al Gore allowed to set his own rules? Is it possible that Mr. Gore is getting favored treatment by his Democrat buddies?

And one more question: When his testimony is concluded and members begin asking questions, will all members be treated fairly and equally in time allotments for their questions?

Given the highly irregular nature of the early parts of this episode, I won’t be surprised if the irregularities continue.

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