Sunday, February 18, 2007

Al-Qaeda Threatens Oil Supply

An al-Qaeda-linked Saudi Arabian terrorist faction has urged Muslim militants to attack oil facilities in Canada, Mexico and Venezuela to stop the flow of oil to the US, according to an article posted on the Internet.

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula believes that "cutting oil supplies to the United States, or at least curtailing it, would contribute to the ending of the American occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan."

Two thoughts: First, I don’t think interrupting the oil supply will affect our presence in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. A large number of Americans, including more than a few elected officials, are ready to bail out already, and if you add into the mix some discomfort at the gas pumps, quite a few more will certainly fold up under the stress. They don’t think we can win; they don’t want to win. Despite that, and while much of the recent behavior from some members of Congress tells the world that America is weak and has no will to fight terrorists, the Commander-In-Chief, the guy who makes the decisions on military operations, is not afraid, is not ready to bail out and is determined to defeat terrorists everywhere, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Second, al-Qaeda’s fanatic obsession with hurting the United States produces actions that are bordering on, or perhaps venturing into, the la-la land of incoherent lunacy. So consumed with hurting the U.S. is this bunch of extremists that they kill fellow Muslims—man, woman and child—with complete disregard and now threaten to attack oil supplies, some of which are located in Arab/Muslim countries, some of which are in countries that are also enemies of the U.S., or at least not good friends of ours.

You have to wonder whether at some point al-Qaeda’s irrational behavior will turn the whole world against it?

The fact is that no nation is safe from these obsessed, supercilious goofballs, as is becoming more and more clear as time passes. Al-Qaeda may be focused primarily on the United States right now, but that is temporary. Anyone that doesn’t agree with the narrow, repressive, and murderous philosophy subscribed to by the maniacal leaders of this devil’s alliance is a future target. It is just a matter of time.

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