Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Idiocy Personified

I've often said that criminals are not playing with a full deck, and here's proof of that.

Police in Boca Raton, Florida said a man who carjacked an SUV in Boca Raton drove all the way to Palm Springs before becoming lost and calling 9-1-1 on himself.

According to police reports, Claude King, 31, smashed the driver's side window of an SUV and pulled the driver out of the vehicle. Once inside, police said King began to punch the other four passengers. Once King got the passengers out of the SUV, he began to drive wildly around the area, finally heading southbound down Interstate 95. While heading southbound, King struck a white Chevrolet pickup and decided to turn around and head north. He struck another vehicle along the way and decided to pull over in Palm Springs. Lost and frustrated, he called 9-1-1 and turned himself in.

There are numerous things wrong with this story, first among which is that this dope tried to steal a car.

Now, I'm not a criminal and therefore don't think like a criminal, but it seems to me that it isn't very smart to steal a car that has five people in it in broad daylight. And if you can't drive any better than this incompetent boob, you shouldn't steal a car at all.
Steal groceries. Or bicycles.

Thank God that many criminals are so stupid that they are easily caught, as in this case. Also fortunate is that not too many people got hurt.

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