Friday, December 15, 2006

Jeb Bush Goes PC

(AP) - Gov. Jeb Bush has suspended all executions in Florida on Friday after a medical examiner says the lethal injection of a convicted killer was botched.

The execution of a convicted killer Angel Nieves Diaz took 34 minutes — twice as long as normal — because officials botched the insertion of the needles that delivered the lethal chemicals, a medical examiner said.

Bush responded to the findings by halting the signing of more death warrants until a commission he created to examine the state's lethal injection process completes its final report by March 1.

Okay. A killer convicted of murdering a man in a robbery takes 34 minutes to die a relatively peaceful death instead of a relatively peaceful death in 17 minutes. What’s the problem? Did the murder suffer a little bit? Oh, what a shame. I wonder if he suffered as much as the man he killed for no good reason did? Did if he suffer as much as the family and friends of the man he killed in cold blood?

If he suffered a little: good. If he suffered a lot: better.

Jeb Bush needs to wake up and smell the coffee. This is a non-issue.

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