Monday, September 18, 2006

Message to Islam

The recent Muslim idiocy in reaction to Pope Benedict’s comments shows just how primed for violence some Islamists are. If Christians burned buildings, called for executions, and held angry demonstrations burning flags and Mohhamed in effigy every time someone said something nasty about Jesus or Christianity, the world would be in flames, and Muslims, who regularly disparage Christianity, would have been eliminated long ago.

The message to these militant extremists is: Wake up and smell reality. You and Islam aren’t special. You don’t get to decide what the rest of the world thinks, what it says, how it worships, if it worships, or anything else. The non-Muslim world, which is nearly three times larger than the Muslim world, thinks for itself. We have diverse views on things like religion, freedom and politics, we believe in the free exchange of ideas—and that includes ideas about Mohammed and Islam—and we aren’t about to take instruction from a bunch unemployed, uneducated, brainwashed ne’er-do-wells with a chip on their shoulders. Deal with it like everyone else does.

And if you keep reacting violently to words and ideas you don’t like, you are going to let loose a backlash that you seriously won’t like. People are not going to stand by and just watch every time someone hurts your delicate feelings about Islam and go on a violent, petulant rampage of destruction and murder. At some point, people will begin to believe that they must take out Muslims preemptively to protect themselves from your lunacy. That’s where your extremist behavior is headed, and if moderate Islam—if it exists—doesn’t take control pretty soon, it may not be long before we see the backlash begin.

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