Saturday, August 12, 2006

Terrorist's Failed in Airliner Attack

This week’s foiling of a terrorist attack at London’s Heathrow Airport is a big deal. The NSA procedures that Democrats so loudly decry helped the Brits foil a terrorist attack of near-9/11 proportions.

The 9/11 attacks were a mere 5 years ago, yet more than a few Americans, including a large portion of Democrats and liberals, act as if it was 30 years ago. They just don’t get it; they do not realize—do not believe—that terrorism is the greatest threat to our freedom that we have seen since George III tried to snuff out the budding American ideal.

How should we respond to terrorism? Should we try to negotiate with the terrorists? Should we capitulate to their demands and their world view? The answer to both questions is a firm and decisive “No.” We must fight back; we must win this war.

Therefore, we have to make it easy for our government to identify and thwart the bad guys.

Face the facts: It’s not 80-year-old grannies that are trying to kill us. It’s not 30-ish blond, blue-eyed mothers or their kids trying to kill us. It’s not black guys or white guys that are trying to kill us. It’s mostly Middle Eastern Muslim men that are trying to kill us. Drop the politically correct BS that interferes with focusing on those most likely to be terrorists, and use the common sense method called “profiling.”

We have to take measures to discover and stop terrorist activities, and if that means that the government monitors phone calls, so be it. If that means using “unconventional” measures against captured combatants, so be it. If that means we finally must admit that neither our criminal justice system nor the Geneva Conventions covers terrorists, so be it.

If we don’t abandon this stupid PC approach to terrorism, we will have aided and abetted the enemy.

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