Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hezbollah Should Be Wiped Out

In the current Middle East conflict only two groups of people deserve compassion. First, the Israelis, a people who have been attacked repeatedly by their neighbors over the decades, a people who for the most part want only to be left alone to live in peace. The people of Israel have suffered greatly in this conflict, being deliberately targeted by the terrorist organization Hezbollah, which shares with other murderous Islamic radicals the desire to annihilate them.

Second, the Lebanese people deserve compassion because of the intolerable situation in which they have been placed by Hezbollah, which has used their country as a pawn in a war it started against Israel, used the Lebanese people as shields, and which is solely responsible for the destruction of Lebanese property and the death and injury to its citizens.

The Israelis further deserve much credit for the measured response to the flagrant terrorist attacks on their citizens. While it would have been understandable and appropriate for the Israelis to have gone after Hezbollah with abandon, they worked diligently to minimize the collateral casualties of Lebanese civilians, whose lives and safety were put in jeopardy by the callus tactics of Hezbollah, which stored munitions in homes and other buildings in civilian neighborhoods, and launched attacks from those neighborhoods, knowing full well—indeed, hoping—that Israel would come after them wherever they hid.

You may have noticed that the villain in this scenario is Hezbollah, which deserves only our contempt, and to be wiped from the face of the Earth.

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