Tuesday, July 18, 2006

World War III

I see in the news today where Newt Gingrich has said that we are in the third World War now. This is a realization I arrived at several months ago.

I got in some trouble recently on another guy’s blog for questioning the “generally accepted” starting date of WWII. I was told that I was really stupid when I questioned, for example, when a war starts and suggested that there was more than one possibility: when the aggressor fires the first shot; when the aggressee first fires back; or perhaps even as far back as when the aggressor starts planning his aggression. When WWIII began is an open debate, but there is no question among thinking individuals that radical, fundamentalist Muslims have been attacking the United States for more than 20 years.

One of the reasons that I don’t quibble too much with the war in Iraq is that while the information that circulated in the United Nations and in most every major nation in the world at the time the Iraq war began may have been wrong, the fight we are in is far broader than just the conflict in Iraq. This is a major point that so many, particularly on the Left, fail to understand. Whether they are so caught up in hatred for George W. Bush, whether they actually don’t believe we are in the fight of our lives, or whether they are intellectually incapable of “getting it,” the Left does not understand or admit that defeating terrorism, which has a decidedly Arab face on it, is the most significant challenge to the American ideal since this nation was founded, and if the major battleground of that conflict is Iraq, so much the better. As long as it isn’t the United States.

Terrorism is not just the problem of the U.S., and terrorism is not only the province of barbaric Muslims. But this cowardly practice is the current most serious challenge to free people the world over, and if the doubters don’t soon wake up to that reality, defeating terrorism will be far more difficult.

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